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The Annual Summer Party: Why We Love Them

Every year we take one summer afternoon off and go and do something ridiculous followed by drinks and going out. In the past, we’ve done ‘It’s a Wipeout’, laser tag in helicopters and tanks (derelict ones!) and this year we did an alternative Summer Olympics.

The great bit is our Zurich office come over as well and join in the fun. Unfortunately, it’s a bit far for Singapore to make it!

We take the two offices to a sports field in team t-shirts and got them to compete in:

  • Dodgeball, Extreme Dodgeball and Superman Dodgeball.
  • Traditional school sports day activities, such as egg and spoon race, 3 legged race and sack race.
  • Zorb Football’ which turned into mayhem as people aimed for each other more than the goal!


  • Teamwork in whole new teams. You form great new relationships when trying to win silly challenges! It’s not just sitting in the pub where people tend to speak to people they already know.
  • Discover some surprising skills, we once had a world champion U21 tug of war champion (yes, apparently that’s a thing).
  • Get out of the office and remind yourself that you actually really like your colleagues when not trying to meet deadlines or dealing with work stress.
  • Get the chance to hit the CEO in the face with a dodgeball (nice shot Adrian!)

Eventwise, the company we used to organise the Nicoll Curtin Olympics, said it was “so great to work with you and the team! We have never had a group with SO much energy!!”

And yes, it costs a lot to put on the day, close the offices and fly everyone across but to paraphrase Mastercard adverts: Summer Party, £10k.  Watching the two biggest guys in the company charge at each other in Zorb ball football? Priceless.